The Latest Trend Is Here!

Remember the ice bucket challenge from a few years ago?  Remember what the ice bucket challenge was intended to raise awareness? Yep, neither do I.  The interesting thing about pouring buckets of ice over people is that it becomes more about the receipient of the ice than it does about the cause that it’s looking to raise awareness for.


Fast forward to 2017 and yet another trend has begun to gain momentum.  Certainly, it won’t be as popular as the ice bucket challenge due to the nudity factor but it appears flashing your ass in scenic photographs has begun to excite the masses.


Not that I have anything wrong with nudity in public of course. Being naked is a wonderful thing.  Even more so if you can do it in a public place.  Cheeky I know, pardon the pun.  It’s a little sad that it takes a trend for people to temorarily jump onto a bandwagon.  Going back over the past 15 years or so, I’ve had the same thrill from striping off in public places (usually in nature) to feel a sense of freedom.  It’s a wonderful feeling but often not something to be photographed and shared about on social media.  Sometimes though, I’ve edited the odd photo and put it up to ruffle the feathers and encourage others (see photo below) to open up people’s minds that it’s OK to be naked.


An intriguing aspect about putting ones ass on show in 2017 is that it isn’t done purely for personal reasons.  It’s an indicative of our society where people do things because everyone else is doing it.  People don’t want to miss the boat or feel left out.  Mind, if you tracked back a few years, many of those now baring their flesh would have cut you down for doing exactly the same thing.  It’s the pack mentality that goes with the grain of society.


I’m all for getting naked but be your own person and get naked with feeling like you have to keep up with the Joneses.


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