Time To Go….

After a little over 2 years of use, 103 games amounting to just over 700 km’s of running in them, I said farewell to another pair of footy boots this afternoon following my game on the Northside of Brisbane.


It’s funny how you grow fond of things with the passing of father time.  And for most referees, we have some quirky habits that never change.

Recently I worked out that I would have covered around 8,000 km’s since I began refereeing in May 1994.  That’s some distance!  I may very well rack up another 8,000 km’s by the time I pull the pin on refereeing many years from now.  I’d hate to include all the mileage covered in training over the years and preparing for and running marathons.  I’d hazard a guess the total distance all up would be close to 30,000 km’s which would equate to running from Brisbane to London and back again!

Maybe that’s an indication of why we get so attached to our running shoes and footy boots.  It’s probably why my body still feels so good as I edge closer to 40.


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