A Kind Gesture….

A few weeks ago now, I posted a question on social media regarding opinions on the Amazon Kindle as I was prepared to head out and purchase one to make reading easier when travelling.  Little did I know that, within minutes, a rather thoughtful soul on the other side of the world would see my post and proceed to do something completely unexpected.


Now, I am the first to admit that I still love the idea of a physical book.  There is a distinct pleasure in holding those open pages in your hand.  The dog ears, the smell and the sense of accomplishment when turning the pages.  It truly is one of those remarkable experiences to savour in life.  However, imagine travelling when you just have a back pack and need to save weight and space?  From personal experiences many times over, I have felt the frustrations of trying to pack those two or three books into an already loaded back.  This is why I decided to get myself a kindle.  Why not move with the times?

Having seen my post online, a fellow music lover from America messaged me to inform me he had a kindle that he didn’t use so he was going to send it over to Australia for me to use.  He didn’t have to do this.  After all, he was going to have to go out of his way to send it along to me.  Doing things for other people is perhaps the greatest gesture one can perform.

Moving forward a couple of weeks and that kindle is now in my possession. To the wonderful man who sent it on?  Well, I do hope he realises how thoroughly happy his sweet and kind gesture has made me?  It’s something that is going to provide me with years of pleasure.  He didn’t need to send it but he did.  A beautiful gesture, one that I shan’t forget any time soon.


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