39 People, Places & Things…..


For a few years now I have been contemplating getting myself a Bowie tattoo.  The problem was, I could never decide which pathway to go down for said tattoo.  With his passing in January this year I felt the time was right to take the plunge.  After a myriad of ideas and rough designs I decided to take a more simplified and subtle approach to the job.  I wanted something that was a little cryptic and perhaps one that only Bowie fans would instantly recognize.

The eureka moment came only a few days ago when I was walking home from work.  I strolled past a tattoo parlor called Lust For Life.  Now, Bowie fans will instantly recognize this as the title to Iggy Pop’s 1977 record which was co-produced by Bowie.  The light bulb moment had stuck and it was time to book in.  A few days later, I emailed in with my idea and the response was rather swift so I went in after work on Monday July 18 at 4 pm to get the job done.


David got down to work and is a very cool dude

After a quick consultation with my artist, David, we made our way upstairs to get cracking.  So essentially, we had Dave doing a tattoo of Dave on Dave.  Kinda quirky yes?  He was a most lovely young man.  Very quiet at first though he soon opened up telling me a little bit about himself.  His attention to detail the care he put into his work was very impressive.  I’ve had three jobs done before but not really enjoyed the time spent with the artist so it was nice to have an artist who is passionate about what they are doing creating my new tat.


The finished project and I could not have been happier

Just inside the hour, the job was complete and I was a very happy man indeed.  The service and hospitality provided by the guys at Lust For Life was second to none and I will be returning there in a few weeks for my next job.

The beauty of my new tat is that yes, only Bowie fans will get it which proved to be correct on Wednesday when the new girl at work noticed my Blackstar and commented that she too was indeed a  Bowie fan.  She’s also a fan of some pretty cool music and films so we will surely get along like a house on fire.

To be honest though, getting a tattoo should never be about a fashion statement.  Too many people seem to get ink done because they want to fit in (note to all the boys with those full sleeve and neck tattoo’s) and that isn’t why you should plaster your skin with tat’s.  If you go with Lust For Life however, you will get some pretty handy guidance and passionate staff who love their job.  Thanks for a beautiful experience Lust For Life!



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