Man V Woman…at the gym!

Picture this.  Friday morning in the gym.  It’s 6:15 am and there are two girls over by the pin weight station.  They are on their phones and gas bagging, as most woman are inclined to do when in groups of two or more.  They are standing about for around 5 minutes before I see one of them have a crack at some exercise.  By now i’m into my third set of the morning.

Both girls are a little cliche. Blonde hair, pink Lorna Jane outfits and matching shoes.  Both with a face full of make up and iPhones with pink cases.  Almost twins I tells ya!

Not normally a problem in a large gym however, in Snap fitness (a gym that is almost as small as your living room) there is little space to move so the punters normally plug through their workout in quick time to allow others a chance to get stuff done.  It’s a common courtesy yes?

So I am now 25 minutes in.  I’m onto my 12th set of 30 reps.  Second last for the workout.  By now, the pink girls have just completed their third set in the time I have been there myself.  For the most part they have been in the same spot, predominantly on their phones and talking.

As I am leaving the gym, they are both still there, in the same spot.  Still talking. Multi tasking actually.  Talking whilst scrolling on their phones.  Fair play that.

It’s all a bit funny and kind of left me with a smile on my face.  One has to love the contrasts between men and woman in the gym.


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