How do you store your music?

It’s 2014 and in these erm, “modern” times more and more music listeners are gravitating towards the more simple form of music storage in their iPhones, iPods and MP3 players.  In fact a greater number of music fans no longer invest in physical albums on compact disc and vinyl.  They want it now so head to the Internet for the latest download.

For myself music is an art form.  Every album I buy is a work of substance from the cover artwork, liner notes and musical content.  Over the past 20 plus years I have amassed a considerable collection and over the past few days I have been busy alphabetising around half of the collection.  


Storing your music in the right way to suit your needs is of great importance to music lovers the world over.  We all have our special style that makes us happy and this is mine.  Since moving into my new place just under a year ago I have finally managed to get things looking half decent.

Things are looking a good deal better after pulling most of the CD collection out and re-ordering it all in my own unique way.  The left hand CD cabinet is all Bowie, Suede, The Smiths and Morrissey bar the bottom two rows.  On the right hand side sits the A-Z of around two thirds of the rest of my collection.  I will need to make another cabinet to fit the rest in at some point.  For now they sit in storage boxes.  

It may have taken up plenty of my time to organise my collection however it has been an absolute pleasure and something that makes me extraordinarily happy!

The next step will be to start up a spread sheet where I can catalogue it all.  After that comes the vinyl and what a pleasurable job that will be sifting over ten crates of records!  

Download all you wish however you are missing out on something very special by not having your own music collection……..



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