Changing faces…..

When I was a boy the sight of a fully grown man with a big bushy beard intimidated me.  Perhaps because the men I knew with those large growths on their faces were often grumpy teachers or relatives whom I did not like.  In the past I have had a crack with my own facial hair, sometimes a good look, other times, well, let’s just forget about them all together.

Recently I took to not shaving over a few days.  Those few days then advanced into a few weeks and before long I had what one could call a proper tasty beard!


Is this the face of a serial killer?

Growing this monstrosity upon my face has been a most intriguing process and delivered what many seem to think is a good result.  Friends, work colleagues and clients are all enjoying the beard thus far.  Hell, even I’m enjoying it more than I expected.  It’s been a jolly good amount of fun so far and it may very well stick around for a while yet.  Either way this beard growing caper has brought a smile to not only mine but the faces of others and well.

Growing a beard?  I’d advise you all, erm, men that is to give it a shot at some point.


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