Alas poor trainees, I knew them well……

Tuesday May 14 2013 will go down as a dark day for my relationship with some dear old friends who have been with me through many highs and lows.  Yes, it was on this day that I laid to rest, in a side street of downtown Hamburg, Germany, my good friends of the past three years.

Dear old friends who have seen football matches, museums and art galleries all over Europe.

Dear old friends who had seen better days.

These dear old trainees, Adidas of course had strolled their final walk through a foreign city.  They had become shabby and smelly.  It was time to let my trainees go to a safe resting place.

Over the past three years they had been on many trips to far flung cities in Europe which included countless football matches, museums, art galleries, pubs, hostels, hotels and other random places which I shan’t mention at this time.  They had served me ohh so well.

As I laid my friends to rest in a rubbish bin, a spectacular way to see them off if you are a traveller my mind switched almost instantly to finding replacements to see me through the remaining week or so of my travels in Europe.

Surprisingly the search for my new travel companions ended where the search began.  They sat there, staring at me with a loving gaze on the shelf of Sports Direct in Leeds city centre early this afternoon. And for the princely sum of £46 may I add.  Say hello ladies and gentlemen to my newest love.  I do wish they serve me as well as their predecessors.

A beautiful shade of navy will adorn my feet from now on at footy matches in Europe.

A beautiful shade of navy will adorn my feet from now on at footy matches in Europe.


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