Ten songs to swoon your day away to…..

Everybody remembers the first time.  The opening bars kick in and within seconds your heart is swooning and your head turns to mush.  Of course  you know what I am talking about yes? Songs that stir your emotions when you think of that someone special.

I remember my first high school crush led me to consume The Cure’s “Friday I’m In Love” over and over and over and over. And over.  And over a little more.  I must have played that song to death on my walkman some twenty years ago now.  Even today when I hear “Friday” on the radio or my iPod I can’t help but reminisce of my teenage desire.  I still wonder every now and then as to what happened to Karen.
There must be thousands of songs that you all love and know very well to hit the heart strings when you think of your husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend.  I’d love to here your suggestions on which songs you share with that someone special.
To get the ball rolling I have nutted out my TOP 10 songs to swoon over.  In no particular order of course.
The first French singer I “fell in love” with back in 1993 was Francoise Hardy and this song, ”Voila” is perhaps her most beautiful song on record.  Recorded in 1967, It’s the sort of ditty you imagine listening to on a night out in Paris with your girl as you watch the world pass by whilst wandering around Sacre Coeur late at night.
Has there ever been a greater love between two people than John Lennon and Yoko Ono?  Written for Yoko after his lost weekend that turned into a year apart the lyrics of this song speak a million words.  If I ever find myself lucky enough to become a married man then this song will make its way to the play list at the reception for sure.  The perfect song to slow dance to on your special night.
BETH ROWLEY:  ”You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger”
Taken from the OST of “An Education”, Beth Rowley delivers sumptuous vocals in this fine number.  The track takes you back to post war London in the 1950′s.  A time when young love was blossoming like never before in England’s capitol.
Taken from his under-appreciated 2008 masterpiece, “Wilderness”, ”Back To You” is a beautiful tale of two lovers who, despite their differences can’t stand to be apart, even if it is damaging for both of them.  A reckless song that reminds you that not all love stories run smoothly.
EDWYN COLLINS:  ”A Girl Like You”
You most likely know this mid 90′s pop gem from the countless TV commercials it has been used in over the years.  If released today it would still top the charts the world over as it did in 1995.  Every listen will leave you in a positive frame of mind and perhaps have you dancing around the lounge room semi naked late at night.  Or is that just me?
THE BEACH BOYS:  ”Don’t Worry Baby”
I first noticed this song in a Drew Barrymore film entitled “Never Been Kissed” many moons ago.  Ok, before you say anything I confess.  I enjoy watching “chick flicks” so don’t shoot me.  Just yet anyway.  I love how this songs makes you want to grab that special someone and hold them close, kiss them flush on the lips and remind them that everything is going to be just fine and dandy as long as you are together.
THE SMITHS:  ”There Is A Light That Never Goes Out”
Known more for his solipsism than anything else, Morrissey delivered this beautiful single in 1986 on the classic “Queen Is Dead” album. An record, considered by many to be one of the most influential and important ever recorded in British history. Such a stunning melody and lyrics to match.  I will never tire of hearing this one.  Ohh, another for my wedding night set list.
LOU REED:  ”Perfect Day”
Most of you know this song of passion from Danny Boyle’s “Trainspotting” film in 1996 however this stirring declaration of love was written, with the help of David Bowie by Reed in 1972 and released on Lou’s “Transformer” album.  Playing in some forty years later you could easily mistake it for a modern ode to young love.  
NICK CAVE:  ”The Ship Song”
Without giving too much away this ballad is most definitely a song to make love to each other as the candles burn and you stare longingly into your partners eyes.  Has any Australia artist ever written a more beautiful declaration of love?  I would suggest not.
THE LAST SHADOW PUPPETS:  ”The Time Has Come Again”
The closing track to “The Age of Understatement” should be considered one of Alex Turner’s most delicious love songs.  It reminds me of those moments when you are leaving your love for far and distant land.  Not a good song to listen to as the plane takes off and your love is waiting behind in the terminal.
So there you have it.  Ten songs that always leave me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Perhaps a little left of centre but each number a stand out on their own merit.

One comment on “Ten songs to swoon your day away to…..

  1. Sarah says:

    What a total, yet exceptionally joyful, distraction this has been for me today…

    There are so many songs that could be added to the list, and to stop at ten is the hardest part. Some have been loved for years and some are new, although all resonate for different reasons. If a line is to be drawn though, in no particular order – ok maybe except for my number one, here are my top ten.

    Ask again in a week or a month’s time and I am confident that this list will have changed and evolved; for now though…

    1. Love Song – The Cure
    A plainly beautiful song that contains the simplest and sweetest lyrics and some of the most truly delicious guitar cords that you will ever hear.

    2. Sun – Two Door Cinema Club
    A newer love of mine, upbeat and punchy, a song of long distance love, sweet and longing and for me the closing lines was what sold it “When through that mist I see the shape of you, and I know, and I know that I’m in love with you”

    3. Another Sunny Day – Belle and Sebastian
    Perhaps an unusual choice as the love does not last, however the feeling that goes hand in hand with this song is very real.

    4. There is a Light That Never Goes Out – The Smiths
    How can I not include this song, my love of The Smiths accompanied me through all my teenage years, into adult hood, and to this day I can still lose myself in this song.

    5. The Specialist – Interpol
    Dark, sexy, raw

    6. In my life – The Beatles
    For a purer time

    7. Love Lost – The Temper Trap
    The bass line accompanied with hand claps provides a wonderful catchy beat that you can’t help but tap along to. With the lyrics mirroring the happiness of the beat, it’s pure joy.

    8. Into My Arms – Nick Cave
    A rolling piano ballad accompanied with the smoky, bluesy deep voice that is pure Nick Cave. The questions raised about love and faith, are swept up in such a graceful melody.

    9. A letter to Elise – The Cure
    A beautiful yet heartbreakingly elegant song of lost love and one that is achingly painful to listen to, yet one of my most played tracks. I may be playing it right now while compiling this list.

    10. Wild is the Wind – David Bowie
    While perhaps not a Bowie original with lyrics like ‘With your kiss my life begins’ this song has been a long standing favourite. I have always loved listening to Bowie and hearing him sing this song of love is without doubt love in itself, the way he starts low and builds in passion along with the song makes this a pleasure to listen to.

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